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Cool Devices DVD 3

Cool Devices DVD 3   

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Sex and depravity shatter the illusion of innocence and replace it with the unquenchable flames of desire... YELLOW STAR The notorious episode returns! The beautiful Ayana just isn’t ready for sex. She keeps begging her boyfriend to wait just a bit longer. But when her mom marries Mr. Fujisawa, Ayana isn’t going to have much of a choice anymore. A famous (but also very corrupt) detective, Mr. Fujisawa has recently acquired a potent new date-rape drug known as Yellow Star – a drug he plans to use over and over on his beautiful new step-daughter... SLAVE WARRIOR MAYA PART 1 & 2 Maya was a normal girl, until the day she was sucked into another world and sold as a sex slave! Tortured and degraded, Maya’s only wish is to be able to return home. But destiny has more in store for her – she might be the only one who can destroy the evil Zotos!

DVD Features: Extensive Art Gallery, Cool Devices 4 Teaser Trailer, Critical Mass Trailers, Scene Access.

Duration: 0

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, and "Soft" Subtitles for on screen translations.

Price $19.99

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