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Sexy Magical Girl Vol. 1: Magical Girl Cometh

Sexy Magical Girl Vol. 1: Magical Girl Cometh  

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Magical Girl Cometh- A serial rape plagues a suburb. People rumor that this is a cause of the supernatural. Akitoshi is a boy no different than any other student. One day, he spots Ai, a girl that he has never seen. However, everyone says that she’s been here for a long time. Being curious, Akitoshi follows Ai after school but looses sight of her. Hurrying home, he hears a scream and follows it to find Mikage (a classmate) being violated by something out of this world!! Noticing Akitoshi’s presence, the strange creature attacks him. Suddenly, a warrior appears in front of Akitoshi and fights off the foe! Who is this warrior!? What is happening to this city!? What is this warrior fighting for!? “During one person’s life, it is said that there are many who can change your destiny. I did not believe that….until now.”

Duration: 0

Language: Japanese with English Sub-titles
Length: 30 minutes + 15 Minutes of Bonus Content
Region Code: 0
UPC: 844629000092
Price $39.99
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