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Starring: Tetsuji Tamayama (Cast)Yosuke Eguchi (Cast)Gorie with Jasmine & Joann (Cast)Takako Ohsawa (Cast)Masato Ibu (Cast)Eiji Okuda (Cast)Jun Kaname (Cast)Ryoko Hirosue (Cast)Hashinosuke


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Set in Japanese Warring States period. The main character is legendary master thief Goemon Ishikawa (Yosuke Eguchi). A box that Goemon steals one night contains a big secret that would destabilize the country. What's contained in the box would serve as the evidence to prove that the mastermind behind the assassination of the feudal lord Nobunaga Oda is Hideyoshi Toyotomi, one of the leading subjects of Oda, who is thought to be the first to avenge Oda, entitled to succeed Oda to rule Japan. When this secreat is revealed, the story is kicked off among three powers of that time, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Mitsunari Ishida, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Goemon

Languages: Japanese Subtitles: English, RunningTime: Uncut

Duration: 0

Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: English,

RunningTime: Uncut

Price $10.99

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