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Invincible One

Starring: Alexander Fu Sheng, Chi Kuan Chun, Kong Do (Ching Tao), Lo Dik, Chen Ming Li, Wang Ching Ping, Fung Hak On (Feng Ko An)

Invincible One   

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Fu Sheng takes the lead role as Kwan, an innocent country bumpkin who travels to town to see his trusted old friend (played by Chi-Kwan Chun). Chi is working in a textile mill and manages to arrange work for his friend. Kwan notices that the real wealth never filters down to the common worker and the affluence he longs for (superbly represented by a pair of brand new shoes) will never be his. However, when a rival mill uses violence to get their own way, Kwan uses his kung-fu skills to great effect and is soon showered with goods by the mill owner. Chi dissuades him from becoming a hired thug for his uncaring employees. In an expertly filmed flashback, we see that Chi once found himself in similar circumstances, but realised that those in charge care little for the lackeys they employ. Instead itís better to live a quiet life away from this strife and concentrate on making ends meet. As Kwan becomes more and more spoilt by the riches that are thrown at him, he loses sight of his real friends and becomes just another property owned by the mill boss. His new position, however, soon means that he is thrust into the middle of life-threatening combat and it is not long before he meets his match. Now, Chi musters recalls his past one last time, in an effort to avenge his naive friend.

Duration: 0

RUNNING TIME: 110 mins. (approx.)

LANGUAGE(S): English
Price $9.99
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