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Dragon Fist

AKA: Dragon Hero, In Eagle Dragon Fist

Starring: Jackie Chan (Sing Lung), Nora Miao, James Tien Chun, Lin Yin-Ju, Kao Chiang, Yen Si-Kuan, O-Yang Sha Fei, Hsu Hsieh

Dragon Fist   

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Jackie Chan plays the part of Yuan, a young Kung Fu expert fighting for revenge and honor, who seeks to avenge his Masterís death. He sets out for a far-off village in pusuit of the killer with the Masterís widow and lovely daughter in tow. They are astonished to find that the killer has mutilated himself out of guilt for his crime, and the widow finds it in her heart to forgive him. All is not well, however, as Wei, the local war lord, seeks to lure Juan to his side in order to take advantage of his awesome Kung Fu powers. Juan is prepared to destroy the tyrant, but finds himself torn when the widow is stricken with an illness for which only the Wei family has the cure. The widow kills herself out of honor, and Juan is finally free to unleash his full Kung Fu powers to destroy the evil before him.

Director(--Lo Wei

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH 

Running Time: 101 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99

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