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Five Super Fighters

Starring: Kwan Fung, Hau Chiu Sing, Austin Wai Tin-Chi, Lam Fai Wong, Jamie Luk (Kim Ming), Wan Faat, Keung Hon, Fong Ping, Wong Mei Mei, Ng Yuen Jun, Tony Leung (Siu Hung), Fung Ging Man

Five Super Fighters   

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An arrogant kung fu specialist roams China challenging one and all--"correcting" their kung fu, as he puts it. He "corrects" an old kung fu master and his three students to the point where the master turns to drink and stops teaching. The three students each go their separate ways in search of different skills needed to defeat their foe. When they reunite in 6 months time, get ready for an epic 20-minute battle the likes of which you’ve never seen. Another classic from the Shaw Brothers studios.


Duration: 0


RUNNING TIME: 96 mins. (approx.)

Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo

Price $9.99
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