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Flying Guillotine

Starring: Chen Kuan Tai, Guk Fung (Ku Feng), Wai Wang (Frankie Wei Hung), Kong Yeung (Chiang Yang), Liu Wu Chi, Ai Ti, Lin Wei-Tu, Wang Yu, Li Peng-Fei, Li Shou-Chi, Lu Wei, Lin Feng, Shen Lao, Chiang Ling, Wu Chin-Chin, Hsu Kuan-Ying, Lei Lung, Ho Han-Chou.

Flying Guillotine   

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When a fellow officer, Wong Yue, is exeecuted for refusing to carry out orders, the leader of the death Squad, Ma (Chen Kuan Tai), decides to make a run for it and settles down in the country where he starts a family. However, his past soon catches up with him so Ma has to invent a new weapon to deal with the might of the guillotine-lobbing skills of the King’s loyal warriors. A true classic in every sense, delivered in true Shaw Brothers style.

Duration: 0


RUNNING TIME: 91 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99
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