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Iron Monkey of shaolin

A.K.A School Of Shaolin

Starring: Suen Ga Lam || Chi Kuan Chun || Chen Kuan Tai || Leung Kar Yan || Wilson Tong (Wai Shing) || Kam Kong || Shut Chung Tin || Chan Wai Lau || Wu Ma

Iron Monkey of shaolin  

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A reckless young man joins Shaolin Temple after his family is murdered by Ching officials and trains in the rare art of Monkey Fist kung fu which he uses to exact revenge. Overview: Iron Monkey is the nickname of a young gambler who becomes the sole survivor of a Manchurian massacre. After burying his family, a fate-filled road leads Iron Monkey to the confines of Shaolin Temple. Full of vengeance, the young victim of circumstance endures humiliation from his classmates and rigorous training from the infamous Bitter Monk. All hardship is painfully accepted, to finally explode into a merciless confrontation with the chief of the Manchus--each and every finger a blade of fury, making all counter-attacks twice as deadly. With great costumes, an excellent cast, and the raw, youthful talent of Chen Kwan Tai, this is an outstanding example of the genre

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH 

Running Time: 91 mins. (approx.)
Price $9.99

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