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Legend Of A Fighter

Starring: Leung Kar Yan || Yasuaki Kurata (Shoji Kurata) || Yuen Yat Choh || Phillip Ko Fei || Brandy Yuen (Jan Yeung) || Lau Hok Nin || Charlie Chan (Yiu Lam) || Lee Ka Ting || Fung Fung || Huang Ha || Fung Hak On || San Kuai || Yuen Cheung Yan || Fong Yau

Legend Of A Fighter  

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From Yuen Wo Ping comes an immortal tale of courage and morality, based around the life of one of China’s most formidable fighters, Fok Yun Gap, also known as Huo Yuan Chia Initially prevented by his over-protective father from learning martial arts, Fok Yun Gap (Leung Kar Yan) trains in secret with mysterious Japanese tutor Chiang Ho San (Yasuaki Kurata), eventually becoming a master. Years later when Yun Gap has evolved into a fighting legend, Japan sends a champion to challenge him. The challenger is Ho San. In a tragic twist of fate, the two friends are honor-bound to engage in a potentially deadly duel of unarmed combat Based on the timeless Chinese hero that inspired both Bruce Lees Fist Of Fury and Jet Li Fist Of Legend, Legend Of A Fighter is a cornerstone in the history of Hong Kong cinema. As expected from action legend Yuen Wo Ping, the choreography is superb, providing a skillful juxtaposition of both Chinese and Japanese styles for the numerous battles that punctuate the narrative. The end duel between Leung Kar Yan and Yasuaki Kurata (Fist Of Legend) is explosive, technically accomplished, and charged with emotion.

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH 

Running Time: 92 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99

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