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Master Strikes

Starring: Casanova Wong, Meg Lam Kin-Ming, Yen Shi-Kwan, Tony Ching Siu-Tung, Eddy Ko Hung, Wong Mei Mei, Sham Chin Bo, Meng Yuen Man, Chan Laap Ban, Tsang Choh Lam, Tony Leung (Siu Hung), Yuen Miu, Benny Lai (Keung Kuen), Wan Faat, Cheung Hei, Fong Ping

Master Strikes  

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Iron Fisted Monk") stars as a bodyguard, entrusted by Yang Yee Kwan with guarding a rare treasure, and after spending nights practically sleeping on top of it to ensure its safety, he discovers it's been stolen, sending him into a spiral of madness and violence. Two conmen find out about Casanova's connection to the treasure, and they join forces with him in an attempt to get rich. "The Master Strikes" is an astonishing kung fu film filled with some of the most amazing displays of combat that were choreographed by martial arts legend, Ching Siu Tung (director of the "Chinese Ghost Story" trilogy and Jet Li's "Swordsman 2", and action director of "Heroic Trio" and "Shaolin Soccer"). If you're looking for fantastic kicks, amazing pole fighting, and drunken boxing, then look no further as the movie will knock you on your butt.

Letterboxed, Mono

Duration: 0

Languages: English 

Subtitles: None

Running Time: 85 mins. (approx.)

Price $7.99
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