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Ninja Checkmate

AKA-Mistery of chessboxing

Starring: Lee I Min, Jack Lung (Goon Ng), Mark Lung (Sai Ga), Simon Yuen (Siu Tin), Wong Chi Sang, Ricky Cheng (Tien Chi), Jeannie Chang

Ninja Checkmate   

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Mystery Of Chess Boxing. Lee Yi Min stars as an eager young kung fu student who seeks to improve his fighting skills with an aim to avenge his fatherís murder at the hands of the Ghost Face Killer, an overwhelming force of destruction and master of the death-dealing Five Element Fist. Lee Yi Minís eagerness to study attracts the attention of the Master Of Chess Boxing, Jack Long, who is the Ghost Face Killerís arch enemy. Together, master and student devise a wicked cross fertilization of the Chess Boxing and Five Element Fist styles and set out to put an end to Ghost Faceís deadly reign.

Duration: 0


RUNNING TIME: 90 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99

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