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Revenge Of The Shaolin Master

Starring: Dorian Tan (Tao Liang, Delon Tan), Chan Sing (Chen Xing), Chang Fu-Jian (Chen Fu-Jan), Yang Rou-Lan, Liu San, Lung Fei, Tsai Hung, Yang Chin-Cheng, Yuan Sheng, Chiang Tao, Hu Wei, Sha Li-Wei, Chao Ting

Revenge Of The Shaolin Master  

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martial arts mayhem is all about! When a shipment of food and money meant for a drought-struck region is hijacked in a vicious sword battle, the leader of the transport (Lee Chan-Hu) is framed for the theft and tortured in front of his family. But it is all an elaborate plot by a local official to assume total power over the entire region. Escaping into the wilderness where a group of his loyal troops await, Lee Chan-Hu is pursued by a government agent intent on finding out the absolute truth of what is going on. But the truth is something that no one wants exposed, and a bloody assassination is something that those marked for death have no chance of surviving...or do they? Amazing unending fight scenes, incredible stunts, and enough deadly swordplay to choke a camel! So if you wonder what action director Yuen Wo Ping ("The Matrix" trilogy, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Kill Bill") was able to do without a Hollywood censor behind the scenes, check out "Revenge Of The Shaolin Master"!

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH

Running Time: 93 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99

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