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Fist and Guts

AKA:Fist And Guts; Carry On Wise Guy

Starring: Gordon Liu (Chia Hui), Lau Kar Wing, Lo Lieh, Lee Hoi Sang, Yau Shui Ling.

Fist and Guts  

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After the kung fu instructor of Chen (Lee) is brutally murdered, Chen seeks revenge. When he discovers that the killers are a Japanese gang, and that they are terrorizing his former school, Chen brings swift and deadly retribution to the evildoers. Bruce Lee plays a martial arts student who returns to his former school to find that his beloved teacher has been murdered. Set in Shanghai in the 1930s, the Japanese are in control, and it is one of their Bushido schools that is responsible for this outrage. Knowing that the authorities will not attempt to bring justice to the killers, Lee seeks to restore honor to his institute and mentor with fearsome revenge. There is an awkward romantic sub-plot and the script and direction can, at times, be a little crude, but the screen presence of Bruce Lee is undeniably strong. His fluidity in Kung Fu is amazing to watch, and he compresses the rage of a tormented culture into a physical art of retribution that promotes this film into a league of Asian classics. The MASTER KILLER himself, GORDON LIU, stars in this kung fu comedy directed by the legendary Lau-Kar Wing and co-starring the great LO LIEH (Five Fingers of Death)! While searching for a fugitive, the Master (Liu) uncovers a scheme to steal the priceless Jade Buddha. But in order for him to stop the theft, the Master must fight his way through a labyrinth of booby traps and powerful opponents first! Filled with sensational fight sequences choreographed by the renowned Lau Brothers, FISTS AND GUTS is pure, gutsy fighting for the kung fu aficionados!

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH 
(Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo)
Running Time: 92 mins. (approx

Price $9.99

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